What Does Creatine Do? What Can It Do for you?

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Have you been thinking aboout taking creatine? But dont really know what it’s for or how it can help you in the gym in this article i’m going to tell you all about Creatine.

What is Creatine?

Creatine well Its an amino acid but it isn’t actually used to make protein its found 100 % naturally in foods like beef,pork,fish and also make it in own your body that’s right you are making it right now and you are reading this article That terrible steroid its not that your mother is terrified of you getting hooked on is made in the cells of your own body everyday so creatine is a completely normal and healthy part of metobolism not some weird artificial substance that has been discovered in a lab by scientist hoping to make super soldiers like i mentioned as animal produce it in their cells creatine is found in animal muscle thats why meat eaters tend to have higher level of muscles creatin vegans however i wouldnt recommend using meat as your primary source of creatine and thats because to get the same amount of creatine as you’d get in one little scoop of creatine monohydrate powder you’d need to eat almost 1.3 kilograms of beef not only does that comes with a lot of extra calories about 1500 calories if you use lean beaf its also stupidly expensive thats why creatine suppliments can be so beneficial infact continuous supplimenation can increase the amount of creatine in your muscles by 20 to 40 percent another advantage is that the creatine that you buy in suppliment is usually 100% vegan which is great news because like i just said the vegan tend to have lower levels of creatines then meat eaters putting them at adisadvantage when it comes to performance so by supplimenting with creatine they can increase their muscle creatine levels to the same level as meat eaters and they can level the playing field so now that we know that what the creatine is.

What Can It Do for you?

Creatine - Powerful Muscle-Builder and a Powerful Antioxidant!

High Intensity Energy production

The kind of energy used for short quick explosive movements like lifting weights you may know that we generate energy using a molecule called atp. or adenosine triphosphate when atp givs up its energy during exercise it loses a phosphate group and becomes a adp or adenosein diphosphate creatine is found in the muscles joined to a phosphoryl group and is able to recharge the adp by replacing its phosphate and turning back in to atp that way your your muscles have a more constant supply of energy for high intensity work basically more creatine in you muscles allows you to train or perform harder and for longer.

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