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Your life like a story you’re writing it and you dont know how long the story is you dont know how many chapters you’re gonna get so i would say go ahead and fill them up fill those chapters up to the brim every page every sentence every word make it count fall down get back up again fall down get back up again fall down get back up again thats how you win you never fall down and you’re not running hard enough step it up set the bar high and if you miss the bar it’s ok as long as you get back up if i can look at myself and honestly say hey i blew it doing everything i could in my power to go where i wanted to go i can sleep with that what i can’t sleep with is doing this 20 years half ass never getting to where i want to be and die and old just going man what if i would actually push myself there’s no other there’s no shame in losing it anything there’s no you know the only shame in it is losing because you gave sub-sub more effort or let anything less than the best effort you had so you know you keep pushing towards your goal there’s nobody that can tell you you know to stop doing what you’re doing that you’re never gonna make it you’re never gonna succeed so bust your ass do everything you need to do whatever the fuck it takes you know keep pushing forward to be better every fucking day so i hope everyone of you out there is better today today when you fucking start it and that’s all the matters is we’re improving and we’re getting better every fucking day that’s the most important aspect of life the truth of the mater is you really have to believe what you’re doing is working you know its very important to believe you have believe to achieve if you’re doing something you’re not gonna present confident what you are doing you’re gonna fail think of that guys you guys have seen you’re doing everything right you’re giving your all come on come on you’re all is a lot more than you know you got more inside of you to give stop selling yourself so short .

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