Human Fertilization

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Fertilizatio is the epic story of a single sperm facing incredible odds To unite with egg and form a new human life it is story of all of us.

During sexual intercourse about 300 million sperm enter the vagina soon afterward millions of them will either flow out of the vagina or die in its acidic invironment however many survive because of the protetive elements provided in the fluid surrounding them Next the sperm must pass through the cervix and opening in to the uterus usually it remains tightly closed but here the cervix is open for a few days while the women ovulates the sperm swim through the servical mucus which is thinned to a more watery consistency for easier passage once inside the cervix the sperm continue swimming toward ther uterus though millions will die trying to make it through the mucus some sperm remain behind caught in the folds of the cervix but the may latter continue the journey as a backup to the first group inside the uterus muscular uterine contraction assists the sperm on their journey toward the egg However resident cells from the women’s immune system mistaking the sperm for foreign invaders,destroy thousand more Next half the sperm head for the empty fallopian tube while the other half swim toward the tube conataning the unfertilized eggs now only a few thousand remain inside the fallopian tube tiny cilia push the egg towads the uterus to contune the perm MMust Surge against this motion

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