Whey Protein In Age 17? Side Effects ??

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Whey Protein In Age 17?

How whey protein made? Milk So for milk dont have age So whey protein made from milk from milk they extract fats,lactose,carbohydrates thn they made whey protein isolate it means protein availabiliy too much so 2-3 litres milk after filter process 1 scoop whey protein they made . Whey Protein is for everyone for every age 10-12-18-20-50 whey protein is for everyone protein is essential nutrients or in 85% people deffeciency of protein who dont get proper nutrition and diet so whn 17 or 18 years kid will ask for protein so i can say whey protein is for everyone many people say only bodybuilder can take whey protein . Example when kid was born that kid takes only mother’s milk why? because in mother’s milk have 80% protein isolate in mother’s milk 85% more protein than whey protein suppliment. so whey protein is for everyone. any one can take and whey protein dont have any side effects. From milk they extract all fats,carbs,lactose there are many content which we dont need they extract all that nutrients which we dont need.but you dont have to take that protein in which creatine adde. you have to buy only whey protein and you have have to take 3-4litres water per day cause when you take protein that water push protein into the muscles.there are many athletes 14-18-20age they all are taking whey protein protein is very important for muscle growth.If you are not doing workout so u dont have to take whey protein.if you are doing workout so take whey protein so get whey protein no problem but overall food is more important than suppliments but if you are taking only suppliment and doing workouts suppliments only helps 15% so take proper diet with workout. in reality whey protein have side effect. i Hope you got information so go and get take only simple whey protein.

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